Social dancing instruction for beginners


Our forty years of teaching beginners to dance ensures you will learn in the fastest possible time for your learning pace.


Whether you want to learn one dance or twenty, we have the program and method for you.


Learn the exciting latin dances, like salsa and cha cha cha, or romantic dances like waltz and rumba, or the fun dances like jive and

rock and roll or the sensuous Argentine Tango.


Learn the popular Australian style dances of

New Vogue Sequence Dancing, and then enjoy yourself

at any of the myriad social dance venues around Australia.


Whether you want to learn on your own or as a couple with your partner, we cater for your needs. Partner may be same sex or opposite.


There is no additional cost for two people to learn together,

so you share the cost with your partner.


Lessons are in private with no distraction of other students and no sharing of music. You have the studio to yourself with your teacher.


Private lessons ensure you learn at your pace and you can choose the dances you wish to learn. You are not limited to a class program and speed of group instruction.


Cost of private lessons is $42.00 for thirty minutes

($21.00 per person for a couple)

or $82.00 for sixty minutes

($41.00 per person for a couple)



Contact us for more information or to make a booking.

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