Wedding Dance Instruction

We will train you for a traditional wedding waltz, or to modern music of your choice (ballad, latin, pop, etc.).  Surprise your wedding guests by dancing a sensuous rumba or Argentine tango, even if you have never danced a step.

Discover how easy it is to learn a simple routine,  or you can choose to learn a show-stopper!

Make your first dance as husband and wife a  magical moment .

We can also offer training for your bridal party or parents of the bride and groom.

Free Sample Lesson

Couples are offered a free sample lesson to discuss your individual needs. Should you continue after your free sample lesson, cost of lessons is as follows:

Five hour package of private instruction : $380.00 (save $30.00)

Payment by cash or cheque at first lesson is a popular method of enrolment.

 Five hours instruction with practice between lessons ensures a very presentable display of your wedding dance.

Casual payment : $82.00 per hour

Pay as you go. No minimum or maximum number of lessons - stop when you are happy with your routine or routines. Many couples learn a second 'special dance' to present on their departure or at some other time during the celebrations.

Devi and Jason Bonnett



Thankyou so much for our dance lessons, it was a lot of fun and everyone loved our cha cha cha and tango. It was a big surprise for everyone, but especially my mum who knows me as a tomboy.

Despite all the practice, the nerves got the better of us, and we messed up the cha cha cha, but luckily no-one noticed.

The tango later on in the night was almost perfect and a hoot with the guests.

The best man said that watching us has inspired him to learn latin dancing.

Thanks again and here are some photos!


Devi and Jason Bonnett


Thankyou very much for all your help in preparation for our bridal waltz at our wedding.

Your lessons gave us confidence and skill for a fantastic performance that got a standing ovation and much applause.


Brian & Nadeen Zerafa



Legend of Dance

Arcadia Dance Centre


We wanted to thank you for your help and guidance with our bridal foxtrot.


Thanks to your patience and brilliant teaching we pulled off an amazing foxtrot that mesmerized the crowd - and not the train wreck that it could quite easily have been.


Even with a very slow song, we still, nailed it. Just the slow walk onto the floor and the perfectly executed twirl before beginning had our guests thinking we were professionals.


We followed this up with a basic 8, into a twirl promenade then into a rock that Charlie Chaplin would have loved. Then a normal promenade and a couple of basic 8's while everyone got a good photo.


We were feeling pretty good, but still did not have the courage to try one of those zigzag moves. Maybe next time.


It was a great wedding, and we thank you for helping us make our bridal dance so special.


Brent and Simone Clohesy.




Thankyou very much for the beautiful routine you choregraphed for us. We've had more comments about our rhumba routine, and how much everyone enjoyed it, than any other part of our wedding from our guests.


Despite our nerves it went off extremely well on the day.We took your advice and thoroughly enjoyed the applause!


Our encore cha cha cha was not quite as smooth, however. Nonetheless, it was still an enjoyable and amusing part of the evening.


Russ thank you very much for your patience and expertise. More importantly, thanks for introducing us to each other in the first place!


Yours sincerely


Suzanne and Brad Postma




We just wanted to touch base to tell you our wedding dance went well and yes, we did receive applause! We felt so relaxed! Thanks so much for your excellent teaching. We look forward to learning more from you at some stage.


Here are some pics - don't know if they are any use to you or not.


Thanks again


Brett and Michele Hayes