Ballroom Action

Learn to Dance Series for Beginners


November Moon Blues

A New Vogue Sequence Foxtrot

(a 16 bar routine to be danced at 29 bars per minute)

Choreographed in 2012 by Russ Hesketh, it includes several foxtrot actions not previously include in new vogue dances, which will provide a challenge for some new vogue dancers. It is soon to  be submitted to Dancesport Australia (DSA) for acceptance as a championship dance.




The instructional DVD features a demonstration of three routines of November Moon Blues by Andy Donnelly and Monica Fincham, then a step by step instruction for both the man's and the lady's part, as well as voiceover of the timing in a separate dance-through, enabling you to learn the dance in the shortest time possible. An abbreviated technique sheet is included.

DVD $24.50 plus $4.50 p&p



The companion technique BOOKLET has an eleven column analysis of every step for man and lady enabling the keen dancer to reproduce the dance exactly as written. The feature lines are illustrated with photos of Andy and Monica.

BOOKLET $8.50 plus $3.50 p&p


              PURCHASE BOTH ITEMS for $30.00                               plus $4.50 p&p