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New Vogue Quickstep

Instructional DVD & Technique Script

Choreographed circa 1990 by Russ Hesketh


  THE NEW VOGUE QUICKSTEP was accepted as a medal dance by the ADS and the CSTD

in 1992. It has also become a most popular social dance in many states of Australia.

It is a 32 bar sequence best danced at 48 to 49 bars per minute.

 It has been submitted to Dancesport Australia (DSA) for acceptance as a championship dance.




The instructional DVD features a demonstration of two routines by Andrew Howlett and Monica Fincham, followed by a detailed step by step description by Russ as Andrew and Monica demonstrate. This is followed by two sequences with timing count in slows and quicks, then two sequences with the count in beats and bars.  A two page abbreviated technique sheet is included.

DVD $24.50 plus $4.50 p&p