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Tango Carnaval

(pron. carnavaal)

Instructional DVD, Bonus Practice CD & Technique Chart

Choreographed in 1997 by Russ Hesketh



The Tango Carnaval was the winner of the Inventive New Dance Competition for new vogue dances at the

D.A.S.A. Easter Championships in 1997. The inventor, Russ Hesketh, trained Glenn and Radmilla Foote

to successfully present the dance.


The bonus CD has two practice tracks of the new tango song, Holida. The first track on the CD  

has a voice-over of the timing count for the first 16 bars (one sequence) followed by music for three

more routines without counting. The second track has two choruses of Holida without counting for four routines.


Special thanks to Cliff McAulay of The New Vogue Orchestra for providing this tango music.


The technique chart is a quick reference to check any steps when you are away from your DVD player.


Tango Carnaval  has been submitted to Dancesport Australia (DSA) for acceptance as a championship dance.




The instructional DVD video enables you to learn the dance in four stages (four bars each), with clear and precise descriptions for both the man’s and lady’s parts.


The demonstration is by the inventor, Russ Hesketh,

ably assisted by his partner Alice Clark.

DVD $24.50 plus $4.50 p&p